Dave and Rusty on the cliff

What is Davfallamew?

Davfallamew is the creative manifestation of Dave Schafer, the larger part of his split personality that has now started engulfing his corporate persona. It is here, Davfallamew.com, that Dave can run with his creative energy to make videos, images, logos, outlandish adventures with his family, write, blog, brainstorm; basically anything that supports his self-title of "Visual Magician."

He has helped organizations and businesses in the Minneapolis area with much of their creative and design needs including catalogs and brochures, logos, print and marketing materials, and promotional and presentation videos.

Davfallamew is a:
Art DirectorVideo Editor and Special FX Artist Graphic Designer Rad Dad

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Davfallamew is now on Patreon

I am constantly looking for support in as many ways as possible: likes, shares, page views, subscribers, etc. Now, with the framework and assistance Patreon provides, I can now give back to those who want to help further my passions more directly by providing insights and backstage glimpses at my creative processes and how I actually pull off some of my special effects.

Storyboard from The CIA Hack

Storyboards like this are a part of every video project I create, and "Davfollowers" get to view them with the release of each video. There is also other content like outtakes, behind-the-scenes, effects breakdowns, and opportunities to get involved with future projects!

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Tools of the Trade

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe After EffectsAdobe Premiere ProAdobe InDesignAdobe IllustratorAdobe DreamweaverAdobe Audition

  • Do
    Video recording/editing • Special Effects • Logos • Design • Illustrations • Photography • Have lots of fun • Consult • Meet deadlines • Collaborate • Aim to please
  • Don't
    Work for free

Have video or design needs?

Are you in the Minneapolis area looking to make an extensive video to draw in more customers or just simply looking to touch-up your logo? Need help touching up or finishing a big project? Is your video project missing just a little bit of something and you can't quite put your finger on what? Let's chat to see if Davfallamew can be of service to you and your business needs.

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